I get asked all the time, “How much does a website cost?”  I hate giving a two word answer but nearly 100% of the time I do.  The answer is, “It depends.”

You can pay next to nothing for a website.  You can pay over a $1,000,000.  What you end up paying to get your site online is going to boil down to a couple of factors:

  1. What are you building? 
    Please don’t say “a website”.  You need to understand what your web property is going to be.  Is your website going to be informational in nature so people can find your business?  Are you going to be integrating with social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)?  Are you building an e-commerce store (how many products)?  Do you want/need a blog?
  2. What’s your timeline? 
    Web development and maintenance takes time.  There are some things that we can do to shift schedules so these things take LESS time, but if you’re going into a website development project that should take 6 weeks there’s no way it’s going to be done tomorrow.
  3. What should it look like?
    Design services can account for a large portion of your website development project.  Some website owners are all about SEO (search engine optimization) and don’t care so much about what their site looks like.  Others don’t really care to reach the masses but have a very specific (and artistic) thought in their mind.  I’m not suggesting that you need to have an exact picture in your head of what your site will ultimately look like, but you should have given it some forethought. (Check out our design services)
  4. How often are you going to update your site?
    Once your site is live is it going to sit and not change or are you going to be updating it on a regular basis?  Depending on how often you’re going to update your site (and how much time you have to devote to your site maintenance) you may want to consider a CMS (content management system) or purchasing a maintenance package.
  5. How serious are you?
    You can ALWAYS find someone to do a job cheaper.  However, consider the fact that there’s a REASON the saying, “You get what you pay for” was ever uttered in the first place.  If you’re serious about your web property, work with a firm that knows what they’re talking about.  Anyone who promises you specific rankings is lying.  Anyone who guarantees that they can hit your deadline before they understand your project is trying to sell you something.  We’d love your business, but if it’s not right for us, we’ll tell you and point you in the right direction.

When you’re ready to engage a firm for your website development or maintenance these are the questions you should be asking yourself.  Once you’ve got them answered, then the, “It depends” answer will turn into something much more concrete.  Let us help you get to those answers.

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